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find an expert travel agent An agent who is very knowledgeable about a region such as USA, Far East, Australia etc..
find an expert travel agent wedding adventure holidays coach touring city break skiing etc..


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I don't have Skype, what is it?

Skype is a free download which gives unlimited free voice and video calling to other Skype users as well as many other useful features. It takes only a couple of minutes to download over a fast connection. Learn more and download from There are around 25 million users on line world wide at any time.

What does SYTA stand for?

SYTA is the abbreviation for See Your Travel Agent

Is my holiday booking with SYTA?

Your booking is with the individual agent of your choice. SYTA act as an introducer to the agent

Can the travel agent see me?

Once you've installed Skype you can choose if you want to be seen or just hold a voice only chat with the agent. The agent will normally introduce themselves on video. You don't have to have a web cam yourself to use SYTA. You will be able to see the agent. In order to hear the agent you will need speakers with the volume turned up. For them to hear you, you will need a microphone. The Skype software will help you configure your settings.