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About Us
Face to face chat with a travel agent is now available at the click of a mouse

See Your Travel Agent is owned by Monk Travel Ltd,  which was formed by Geoff Monk to run this new service. He had the idea for this site after using Skype on his own web site for several years and securing business he might not have otherwise had. Geoff's coach touring site is also listed on See Your Travel Agent. He's totally passionate about the future of video chat as another way to do business.

Travel on the internet is a huge market and niche agents and operators have done well, but it's often difficult to find someone who offers the holiday you are after. SYTA makes it easy.

Geoff Monk video chatting on Skype with See Your Travel Agent

See Your Travel Agent do not offer a booking facility directly, they introduce you to well established licensed and financially protected agents who will make your travel arrangements.

Travel agents sign up to use our service for free. They must have a webcam, a 1mb or faster internet connection, be a licensed travel agent in their own country and be an expert in at least one destination or type of holiday e.g. Cruising, walking, beach, USA, Australia specialist etc. 

You don’t need a web cam yourself to see a travel agent, but you do need a Skype account, plus microphone and speakers on your PC. Most people have these now and most new laptops have built in web cams too. The travel agent you call will certainly appreciate it if they they can see you too.

Skype video works on PCs, Macs, Linux, iPhone 4, iPad 2, and Android devices with cameras. It requires a reasonable highspeed/broadband connection or 3G. 

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